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  • Original Book Title: KARMAYOGINI
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  • Translators : Sangita Soman
  • ISBN : 9789386342560
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  • Pages : 240
  • Language : Translated From MARATHI to ENGLISH
  • Category : HISTORICAL
This is the story of the life and times of an extraordinary lady, Devi Ahilyabai Holkar. Born in the village of Chaundi, around 1725, she impressed Bajirao Peshwa and his dear friend Malharrao Holkar, with her brilliance, merely as a little girl of eight or nine. Malharrao Holkar brought her into his family, as his daughter-in-law, the wife of his son, Khanderao Holkar. Ahilyabai undertook training under his mentorship and proved herself worthy of subsequently inheriting the reins of the Subhedari, that was bestowed on Malharrao Holkar. Ahilyabai’s personal life was fraught with tragedies. A husband, who showed no interest in the administration of the state and later, a son, who not only carried his father’s vices, a few steps ahead, but was also a persistent source of concern for her. But Ahilyabai’s parents-in-law offered her a strong backing. After their death, Ahilyabai was still to face the loss of many relatives, one by one, either to ill health or to the evil tradition of Sati. Despite being battered by the deaths of her near and dear ones, she weathered many a political storms with tremendous fortitude and righteousness, taking a strong stand even against her own people, when required. Ahilyabai’s charity and philanthropic work during her reign, is celebrated far and wide. She built innumerable temples, embankments on the river Narmada, wells, roads, and rest houses for travellers…but what remains a lesser known fact, is that, she was not just a benevolent ruler but a visionary, an astute strategist and a keen statesman. She was a lone woman who not just survived but thrived among the shrewd and scheming statesmen of her times. That in itself was no mean an achievement in an era subjugated by male chauvinism. She was a lady ahead of her times in every way. Ahilyabai’s reign of nearly 30 years, after the death of Malharrao, is marked by the growth of commerce and trade, as well as art and literature at Maheshwar. Her compassion for social concerns and passion for religious reforms, remains unequalled. Her devotion to the country and her allegiance to the throne of the Peshwas, remain exemplary! This is a humble effort to explore the emotional journey of the life of the lady, who etched a special place in history not just with her altruistic work but also, with her incomparable developmental work. `She should be known not just for her charitable draft but political craft`a true Karmayogini!
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Ahilyabai Holkar, Vijaya Jahigirdar,
Customer Reviews
  • Rating Starऑल अबाऊट बुक पब्लिशिंग,ऑग, सप्टेंबर 2018

    Karmayogini traces the extraordinary journey of Ahilyabai Holkar. Born around 1725, in the tranquil village of Chaundi, her life gets set to change when Malharrao Holkar and Bajirao Peshwa are impressed by her courage even as a little girl, who was arely eight years old. A lady, well ahead of her times… a benevolent leader…a visionary who brought unprecedented growth unprecedented growth in commerce and trade in times of peace and etched unparalleled stories of grif in times of war despite of life fraught with innumerable personal tragedies…. ...Read more

  • Rating StarANURADHA GOYAL May 16, 2017

    After visiting places like Varanasi and Gaya, I learned about the restoration work that Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore and Maheshwar had done. Then I kept hearing about the way she ran the Holkan Subedari that she inherited from her father-in-law. I was urious and keen about this woman from Indian history. When I heard about a book on her written by the Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan – unfortunately, the book is not available in public domain. As luck would have it, Mehta Publishers just then sent me this biography Karmayogini of Matoshri Ahilyabai Holkar. The original book is in Marathi and the English translation I read is by author’s daughter Sangita Soman. The biography of Ahilyabai Holkar traces her journey from birth to death – literally. The story begins when she is a little girl playing with her friends. Malharrao Holkar spots her as a child prodigy and gets her married to his son. The son turns out to be worthless and the Subedari of Indore passed to Ahilyabai. It remains with the various male heirs during her lifetime but it is she who remains in command. You read the book and you wonder how she survived and thrived in such a male-dominated society of 18th CE, that too as a young widow. The book thankfully brings out her strength of character well enough for you to understand why. A very emotional storytelling takes you through various layers of Ahilyabai Holkar. She is a woman who never had a great personal life. She struggled to keep her husband away from vices and maybe women but failed. At the same time, she fought for the honor of her Muslim co-wives when the whole society was on one side for their post-death rituals. She faced the same relationship with her son who took on his father. She smartly chose a son-in-law and that did help her to an extent but not for too long. And She was widowed at a young age but had to see all her co-wives, daughters-in-law, grand-daughters-in-law and her own daughter perform Sati. She probably tried to stop all of them, but could not stop any of them. ...Read more

  • Rating StarDiljit C. Shah

    I was very happy to read Karmayogini : Life of Ahilyabai Holkar. The book is very inspiring. So I have purchased a dozen copies and give it to all my relatives from Indore.

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