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Company Profile

A pioneer in the publication industry for nearly four decades, Mehta Publishing House has stood the test of time gloriously by just doing what the vision statement states, celebrating Marathi as regional language and publishing rustic stories by renowned authors not only from Marathi literature but also across the globe. Being true to its roots, the company believes in exploring the rich literature of India and lauds homebred writers with great responsibility and pride. This very core belief has what led Mehta Publishing House to become the leaders in Marathi publishing in India today.

The success of Mehta Publishing House can be entirely credited to its competent management team. Incorporated under the guidance of Mr. Anil Mehta in 1976, Mehta Publishing House started with the publication of its first Marathi book titled ‘Malayvarchi Maina’, a collection of short stories authored by Anand Yadav. Today, the company has grown manifold and has managed to achieve various milestones. The reins are now in the very capable hands of Mr. Sunil Mehta, the current CEO of Mehta Publishing House, who is effortlessly amalgamating traditional core values with modern technological advancements in the publication industry. Mr. Mehta’s effort has helped Mehta Publishing House to create its own niche in the Marathi publishing industry.

With more than 150 new titles and 300 reprints being published every year, Mehta Publishing House has made its presence felt in nearly all genres & sub-categories of books with a dynamic backlist of over 4500 titles. We have the most prominent Marathi writers and bestselling books under our umbrella. So much so that with increased demand, the publishing house was induced to print and release translated versions of the same in many other Indian languages too including Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada and several others. Not just limited to books, we are also the world’s first publishing house and one-of-a-kind to come up with authentic and original DRM enabled Marathi e-Books. After dominating the Marathi literature scene for several years, Mehta Publishing House has spread its wings by venturing into publishing of English books primarily to be able to reach more readers and spread the joy of reading.

Key People - Management Team

The foundation of a building determines its strength and ability to stand tall even in the midst of a calamity. Similarly, Mehta Publishing House’s core team and supportive management team is the spine, because of which it stands tall even after a span of nearly 4 decades.

Mr. Anil Mehta

Founder of Mehta Publishing House, Mr. Anil Mehta has been in the business of books since 1964. He sowed the seeds of Mehta Publishing House, which went on to become a pioneer in the Marathi Publication Industry and earned him respect, name and fortune. For twenty years, he held the position of Vice President of The Federation of Indian Publishers, New Delhi (FIP) and now, is an active participant and key member of the Executive Council of The Federation of Indian Publishers.

Mr. Sunil Anil Mehta

CEO and MD of Mehta Publishing House, Mr. Sunil Anil Mehta took over the reins of the business from his father in the year 1986. He has witnessed the foundation and growth of Mehta Publishing House right since a tender age and has learned the ropes of business from his learned father. The company has grown strength to strength under his leadership. With sharp business acumen, strong tenacity, commitment and open mind, Mr. Mehta has kept his finger on the pulse of readers within and across the country. Whether it was translating & publishing foreign and regional books in Marathi, publishing the English titles, launching the e-book services or making their presence felt on social networking sites; all the ideas germinated in his farsighted mind.

Mr. Akhil Sunil Mehta

Following the trend of his predecessors, Mr. Akhil Mehta has already been taking a keen interest in the family business from a tender age. He has been instrumental in strategizing and channelizing the company’s presence not only through social media networking but also by actively engaging in the PR function.

Mission & Vision


To reach a wide range of people across the globe through our publication and encourage reading as a habit amongst the younger generation so as to make them aware about the power of knowledge.


  • To make available eminent literature from across the globe to Marathi readers via printed books and e-books.
  • To introduce Marathi authors to the rest of the nation and expanding the market by translating their work.
  • To make prominent literature across the continents available to its readers by translating and publishing them in both, Marathi and English.
  • To motivate young talent from India by giving them a strong platform through their monthly Budding Authors competition.
  • To acknowledge and endow all authors with respect, irrespective of their nationalities.

Our Philosophy

  • Valuing efforts and contribution of each and every person associated with us, be it core team, support staff, authors, translators, editorial staff, printers & binders, family, supporters and most importantly, The Readers.
  • Our prime focus is always on quality of the titles published under our banner.

Key Authors

  • Ranjit Desai
  • V.S. Khandekar
  • Anand Yadav
  • V.P. Kale
  • Vishwas Patil
  • Shivaji Sawant
  • Shanta Shelke
  • Shankar Patil
  • D.M. Mirasdar
  • Vyankatesh Madgulkar
  • V.S. Walimbe
  • Aparna Velankar
  • S.L. Bhairappa
  • Uma Kulkarni
  • Asha Bage
  • Ratnakar Matkari
  • Niranjan Ghate
  • Madhavi Desai
  • Rajan Gawas
  • Mahadev More
  • Daya Pawar
  • Anant Pai
  • Swati Chandorkar
  • Manjushri Gokhale
  • Sanjeev Parlikar
  • Dinkar Joshi
  • Sachin Pilgaonkar
  • Rabindranath Tagore
  • APJ Abdul Kalam
  • Narayan Murthy
  • Sudha Murthy
  • Arun Shourie
  • Gulzar
  • Kiran Bedi
  • Arundhati Roy
  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • Shobhaa Dè
  • Chetan Bhagat
  • Dale Carnegie
  • John Gray
  • Deborah Ellis
  • Alistair MacLean
  • John Grisham
  • Dan Brown
  • Jeffery Archer
  • Steve Martini
  • Khalid Hussaini
  • Khushwant Singh
  • Vikas Swaroop
  • Fali Nariman
  • Paula Constant
  • Dr. Neel Burton
  • Rei Kimura
  • Mahashweta Devi

Key Milestones & Achievements

  • Publication of the first book ‘Malavarchi Maina’, a collection of short stories written by Dr. Anand Yadav in 1976.
  • Taking a huge leap from 1 title to over 4500 titles in less than 40 years.
  • Reaching and maintaining the spot of the leaders in innovation and quality in the Marathi Publication Industry.
  • Gave the taste of exquisite foreign literature to the masses by publishing English and Marathi translations of many renowned international authors.
  • First and the only Marathi publishing house to be invited to speak and showcase the cultural exchange at the NORLA Seminar held in Oslo, Norway in September 2012.
  • Started our e-Books Publishing Program in 2013, which made available the distinct and authentic Marathi titles to reader across all borders at no added cost.

Award and Accolades

  • Recipient of “Sahitya Akademi Award” & “Marathi Sahitya Parishad Award.”
  • Received the title of ‘Excellence in Book Production’ by The Federation of Indian Publishers.
  • Our effort and contribution in Marathi literature was honored by the Pune Municipal Corporation in 1991.
  • Accepted ”Publisher Award - 1996-97” from The Federation of Indian Publishers.
  • Honored by the most esteemed award in the Marathi book publishing, i.e. “V.P. Bhagwat Award” in 1996-97.

Online Presence

Besides our official website www.mehtapublishinghouse.com and a dedicated online book club Mehta Marathi Granth Jagat (MMGJ) and Translated Book Club (TBC), Mehta Publishing House has a very active online presence on all social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Google+, thanks to its followers. Readers across the world reach out to us on these sites and share their love for our books. We also have our strong presence on various renowned online shopping websites which enables the readers to get a taste of Marathi literature at a click of button.

Offline Presence

Our spacious and tastefully done head-office located at Sadashiv Peth, Pune houses thousands of neatly stacked books. Started under the parent company Mehta Publishing House, our sister concern ‘Mehta Book Sellers’ is situated in the heart of Kolhapur on Bhausingji Road. Besides these two offices, we have also opened stationary and book stores in Aurangabad, Belgaum and Kolhapur, namely ‘Wordpower’ which is the result of the joint venture between Akhil Mehta and Sharan Biradar.

Latest Reviews


*आज २० एप्रिल* *आज दोन लाख सुनांची एकच आई हे नाव कमवणाऱ्या #कमलाबाई_ओगले यांचा स्मृतिदिन.* जन्म. १६ सप्टेंबर १९१३ सांगली जिल्ह्यातील कुंडल येथे. कमलाबाई ओगले या माहेरच्या गोदूताई अनंत दांडेकर. त्याचा विवाह सांगलीतील कृष्णाजी ओगले यांच्याशी झाला. कमलााई ओगले यांच्या पाककला कृतींवरच्या ‘ रुचिरा‘ हे पुस्तक १९७० च्या सुमारास आले. कुठलाही प्रकाशक, या नाव नसलेल्या कमलाबाई ओगले यांचे हे पुस्तक स्विकारावयास तयार होईना काही प्रकाशकांनी तर बाईंकडेच प्रकाशनासाठी पैसे मागितले. पण या पुस्तकाच्या गुणवत्तेवर आणि उपयुक्ततेवर १०० % विश्वास असणार्‍या ओगल्यांनी धीर न सोडता त्यांचे आणि मुकुंदराव किर्लोस्करांचे स्नेही श्री. भिडे यांच्या मार्फत मुकुंदराव किर्लोस्कर यांना गाठले आणि पुस्तक प्रकाशनाचा प्रस्ताव ठेवला. वृत्तीने पूर्णत: व्यावसायिक असणार्‍या मुकुंदरावांनी फायदा होणार नाही म्हणून हे पुस्तक स्वीकारण्यास नकारच दिला होता पण भिडे यांनी पटवल्यावर आणि तोटा झालाच तर तो सोसण्याची तयारी ओगल्यांनी दाखवल्यावर मुकुंदराव तयार झाले . किर्लोस्कर समूहाने ‘ स्त्री सखी प्रकाशन ‘ या संस्थेची मुहूर्तमेढ रोवली आणि पहिलेच पुस्तक म्हणून ‘ रुचिरा ‘ चे प्रकाशन केले. या पुस्तकामुळे कमलाबाई ओगले या सर्वच स्तरांत अतिशय लोकप्रिय झाल्या. त्यांना परीक्षक म्हणून पूर्वीपेक्षा जास्त बोलावणी येऊ लागली. केंद्रीय मंत्री शंकरराव चव्हाण, आबासाहेब खेबुडकर — कुलकर्णी, दुर्गाबाई भागवत, शांता शेळके, मोहिनी निमकर,अशा अनेक नामवंतांच्या हस्ते त्यांचे कित्येक सत्कार झाले. मुंबईच्या एस.एन.डी.टी. विद्यापीठात त्यांनी वर्ग घेतले. रुचिरा - भाग १ ने अभूतपूर्व यश मिळवले. वास्तविक रुचिराचे जे हस्तलिखित प्रथम तयार केले होते त्यात १०५० पदार्थकृतींचा समावेश होता. परंतु पुस्तक फार मोठे होईल व किंमतीलाही भारी होईल म्हणून त्यातले ३५० पदार्थ कमी करून रुचिरा प्रसिद्ध केले. या बाजूला काढलेल्या ३५० पदार्थांमध्ये अजून काही नवीन पदार्थांची भर घालून रुचिरा - भाग २, सन १९८५ मध्ये प्रसिद्ध केला आहे. कमलाबाई आपल्या मुलांकडे ऑस्ट्रेलियाला गेल्या असताना तेथेही ह्यांना नवनवीन पदार्थांचे प्रयोग केले. ऑस्ट्रेलियन सुगरणींकडून तेथील पदार्थांची माहिती करून घेतली व त्या पदार्थांना भारतीय चव देऊन रुचिराच्या पद्धतीनुसार वाटी चमच्याच्या प्रमाणात तयार केले. त्यामुळे रुचिरा - भाग २ मध्ये अनेक नाविन्यपूर्ण पदार्थांची रेलचेल आहे. स्वीडीश ऍपल पुडींग, स्वीस फिंगर्स, मटी ब्रिझल्स, ब्लॅक फॉरेस्ट केक, चीज मिरची भात, शानसाक, हुसेनी कबाब करी, ब्राऊन स्ट्यू अशा नावांनीच तोंडाला पाणी सुटावे. ऑस्ट्रेलियात तर त्यांना तीनदा बोलावणी आली. या दोन्ही खंडांत त्यांनी तेथल्या भारतीय आणि स्थानिक स्त्रियांना विविध पदार्थांची प्रात्यक्षिके दाखवली. ऑस्ट्रेलियात शिरा करतांना तूप उपलब्ध नव्हते, तर त्यांनी चक्क तेलावर शिरा करून दाखवला! तोही तितकाच स्वादिष्ट झाला होता. या पुस्तकात महाराष्ट्रीय पदार्थांप्रमाणेच काही तमिळी, पंजाबी, गुजराती आणि बंगाली पाककृतींचा समावेश केला आहे. त्याचप्रमाणे हे पुस्तक मराठी भाषेचे कुंपण ओलांडून कानडी भाषेतही गेले. विद्यामूर्ती सत्यनारायण यांनी भाषांतर केलेल्या कानडी पुस्तकाचे भाग्य मराठी पुस्तकाप्रमाणेच बलवत्तर आहे. या पुस्तकाची हिन्दी, इंग्लिश आणि गुजराती भाषांतही भाषांतरे झाली आहेत. ‘फास्ट फूड ‘ पद्धतीच्या पाक कृती असलेल्या या ‘ रुचिरा ‘ चा दुसरा भागही प्रसिद्ध झाला. एखाद्या लोकप्रिय गाण्याप्रमाणे हे पुस्तक घराघरांत पोचले. हे पुस्तक पुढच्या पिढींतील मुलींना / सुनांना ही आपले पुस्तक वाटते. दोन लाख प्रतींचा खप गाठल्यावर ‘ दोन लाख सुनांची एकच आई ‘अशी caption या पुस्तकाच्या blurb वर दिली गेली होती; ती नि:संशय समर्पक होती. या Blurb ला प्रा. मं. वि. राजाध्यक्षांनी ‘ वेष्टण लेख ‘ असा प्रतिशब्द सुचवला होता.. कमलाबाई ओगले यांचे २० एप्रिल १९९९ रोजी निधन झाले. आपल्या समुहा तर्फे कमलाबाई ओगले यांना आदरांजली. ...Read more