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  • Original Book Title: FIFTY ESSAYS
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  • ISBN : 8177662708
  • Edition : 6
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Presenting the Sixth Edition of ‘Fifty Essays’ by Prof. Shrinivas. Essay writing is an essential skill for school as well as collegegoing students. This book has been popular among students ever since the First edition was published in 1973! It remains as relevant and helpful now as it was then. In simple language the book tells us what an essay means, how to gather material, as well as ten hints on essaywriting. The early part of the book has twenty essays about commonlyasked topics for Stage I (Lower) students. The later part offers thirty essays for the Stage II (Intermediate) students. The last part of the book gives fifty exercises for all stages. Each topic is presented in the form of some hints or points upon which the student can build his/her own essay. The exercises cover the common types of essays such as–descriptive and narrative, reflective, expository, and argumentative. After reading the book students will be able to approach essaywriting with confidence.
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DAINIK LOKMAT 18-08-2019

शल्यविशारदाचं चिंतन... वैद्यकीय क्षेत्रातील कामाचा दर्जा सुधारण्याबाबत बरेचदा नामवंत लोक क्रीडापटूंचा आदर्श डोळ्यांसमोर ठेवतात. चिकाटी, परिश्रम, मेहनत, सराव आणि अचूकपणा यांचे यथोचित समतोल या क्रीडापटूंमध्ये पाहायला मिळतो. पण प्रत्येक गोष्टीचं ज्ञान े केवळ कुठल्यातरी परिणामावर अवलंबून राहून कसे मिळवता येईल. त्यासाठी अवचित अतिप्रसंगाचे होणारे आगमनदेखील तितकाच महत्त्वाचा भाग असतो. जीवन-मरणाच्या सीमारेषेवर असलेल्या जीवाची घालमेल अत्यवस्था यांना सामोरे जाताना तुम्हाला अचूक आणि तितकाच विनाविलंब निर्णय घ्यायचा असतो. तो अनुभव थरारक व जीवनाच्या परिभाषेवर डॉक्टरांचे महत्त्व अधोरेखित होते. अतुल गवांदे लिखित ‘बेटर’ हे पुस्तक एका शल्यविशारदाचं गुणवत्तेबाबतचं चिंतन आहे. ...Read more