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  • Original Book Title: THE SKY IS CHANGING
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  • ISBN : 9788184984668
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  • Language : ENGLISH
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London: A group of thirtysomethings meet to celebrate a birthday. All seems normal. But, after two years of trying, Claire and Anthony have still not conceived a child, and pulsing with the fear of terrorist Attacks, the city is crackling with tension. Befriending a young girl, Nora, Claire finds herself drawn as her maternal instincts begin to blur. Meanwhile, Anthony is forced to question his job as a City Analyst as their safe and secure existence begins to fracture. As Claire retraces the journey she has made since an accident ended her promising career as a ballet dancer in Berlin, she realises her life has moved beyond her control.
लंडन : तिशीच्या आसपासची ती मंडळी त्यांच्यातल्या एकाचा वाढदिवस साजरा करायला जमली होती. वरवर बघायला ह्यात विशेष काही नव्हतं. सगळं छान नॉर्मल वाटत होतं. पण ह्या चित्राचे अंतरंग मात्र वेगळेच होते. अखंड साधनेच्या जोरावर क्लेअरचे प्रथितयश नर्तिका म्हणून नाव कमाविण्याचे चांगले आकाराला आलेले स्वप्ऩ् रस्त्यावरील एका अपघातामुळे अचानक धुळीला मिळाले होते. त्यातून सावरण्यासाठी तिला अँथनीची साथ मिळाली खऱी; पण लग्नाला काही वर्षं होऊन गेली तरी त्यांना मूल होत नव्हतं. मातृत्वाची आस असलेल्या क्लेअरला, ह्या समस्येवरील खर्चिक उपाययोजनांना सामोरे जात असतानाच, आपल्या नोरा नावाच्या छोट्या विद्यार्थिनीचा जरा जास्तच लळा लागला होता. ही मानसिक उलघाल कमी होती म्हणून की काय अँथनीच्या नोकरीवर गदा येऊ घातली होती. ह्या पाश्र्वभूमीवर नुकत्याच झालेल्या दहशतवादी हल्ल्यांमुळे शहरात प्रचंड तणाव होता. दिवसेंदिवस बकाल होत चाललेल्या ह्या शहरात तग धरून राहणे आणखीनच कठीण होऊ लागले होते. आपल्या अतिरेकी जखमांवर फुंकर घालणारे एक अशांत शहर व आर्थिक, सामाजिक व मानसिक तणावांनी ग्रासलेली एक विवाहिता ह्यांचे दहशतवादाच्या पाश्र्वभूमीवरील मनोवेधक चित्रण.
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    AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER… It is not often that we come across a good work of ‘abstract fiction’; moreso because, abstract writing as a genre has been a much-unexplored territory to say the least. As much a complex genre to write as to understand, bstraction in literature is tackled by a select few ‘brave ones’ if one may call them so. Zoe Jenny is one such braveheart. The Swiss author of best-selling books like ‘The Pollen Room’, Zoe has now taken another bold step ahead by writing her latest piece of abstract fiction in English – a language that she is only peripherally familiar with. ‘The Sky Is Changing’ as this latest novel is called, brings to light several contemporary issues spanning from terror attacks to childlessness. What makes the storyline fascinating is the cobweb-like enmeshment that Zoe succeeds in lending to what technically are absolutely far-removed subjects from one another. On a flat, monotonous plane, one wouldn’t realise why a ‘fear’ of producing a child (despite wanting one so badly) would stem from the strife-ridden times we live in? Or, one wouldn’t understand why one friend’s unabashed free lifestyle would be a source of envy and pity for the protagonist in a freefall vis-à-vis her own secure marriage? But Zoe manages to interweave all such myriad issues into a coherent unit, seen from the perspective of her protagonist Claire. A successful ballet dancer of yore, Claire is in a roller-coaster of emotions and decisions at the time this story manifests. She and her husband Anthony live in the suburbs of London. Theirs is a mediocre married life with Anthony working as a Research Analyst and Claire taking private swimming lessons after an accident renders her unfit for the ballet. The couple – in their early 30s - has been trying to conceive a child for two years but with no success. The ‘failure’ starts taking a toll on both of them, especially Claire, who starts getting attached to a student of hers called Nora. 7-year old Nora becomes Claire’s source of joy, despite her husband and friends warning her about the dangers of getting inextricably attached to someone else’s child. Claire also starts getting attached to her sister’s baby daughter called Margarethe; but ironically, she starts hating her sister for having a perfect life where everything fell into place at the right time. She also starts disconnecting from her parents who keep needling her about giving them a grandchild. In the midst of all this pressure, the couple starts drifting apart and when they realise it, they decide to opt for IVF. All this would sound a much routine story, but it veers from becoming so due to Claire’s emotional battle on another level. Having been a survivor of the 7/7 London tube bombings, a scary car accident, and a mugging attack by neighbourhood hooligans, Claire actually starts thinking whether it is worth bringing a small child into this increasingly dangerous world. An attack on Anthony by those same hooligans scares Claire out of her wits. Her thoughts get compounded seeing Nora’s heart-warming innocence. Nora’s mother’s cool demeanour towards Nora also puts Claire in a quandary about the grey shades of the relationship between a mother and a child. The thoughts whirling in Claire’s head as she strives to find her way out of all these complexities have to be read to be understood better. The fine layers of her conflicting thoughts are what makes ‘The Sky Is Changing’ a good abstract novel. Zoe has successfully managed to weave abstract, multi-layered thoughts with tangible, everyday mundane situations – thus creating an interesting enmesh. Zoe has also managed to sketch the peripheral characters in a succinct manner. Be it her sister Anne, friend Sadie, student Nora etc., Zoe gives a brief yet proper character sketch of each; especially vis-à-vis their role in Claire’s life and how she reacts to them. This helps bring outs Claire’s emotional turbulence in a much vivid manner. The book also becomes an interesting read for the conclusion that Zoe has lent it. While most books conclude in a definitive way, this story leaves the reader free to make one’s own interpretation of where Claire goes from thereon and what turn her life takes. Definitely a good read to experience a different genre of literature. -RESHMA S KULKARNI ...Read more

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खूप मस्त आहे हे पुस्तक... छोट्या कथा आहेत, पण लालित्यपूर्ण आहेत.