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"Yesterday evening, I went off to sleep without getting undressed. When I woke up, Ammi was sweeping the floor, raising dust more than anything else. I brushed my teeth and sat down on the rug in front of our hut, where my father sleeps. That was when I saw the man in black. He often comes asking the parents` permission to take their children for the shooting of bollywood films." Azhaaruddin lives in misery of one of the numerous slums in mumbai; where milliions of persons survive in their small huts built of brick or of metal sheets, with no water supply, in the middle of the gutters and wastes under the open sky. One day he was chosen to play the role of one of the heroes in the film `Slumdog Millionaire`, which won 8 Oscar Awards. Azharuddin`s story, beyond an unbelievable fairy tale, is also the story of all the children who grow up in these poor localities of the economic capital of India. The story is cowritten by mouhssine Ennaimi. A great reporter, specialist of India, he covers South Asia for Radio France as well as other francophone medias.
स्लॅमडॉग मिल्यनेर या ऑस्कर विजेत्या चित्रपटात लक्षवेधी भूमिका निभावना-या अझरुद्दीन हा मुबईतील झोपडपटटीत राहणारा मुलगा. हातातोंडाशी गाठ आणि झोपडीशेजारी वाहना-या गटारासारखे त्याचे आयुष्य; पण एक दिवस परीकथेसारखे हे सारे अचानक बदलते. `स्लॅमडॉग मिल्यनेर` या चित्रपटातील एका महत्वपूर्ण भूमिकेसाठी त्याची निवड होते. हि भूमिका त्याचे आयुष्य काही काळासाठी बदलते; परंतु वास्तवात ते बदलते का, या सा-याचा वेध या पुस्तकात घेतला आहे.
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    When a Slumdog becomes a Millionaire!... In India, two things are ‘religion’: one is cricket and the other is Bollywood. Little wonder then, that every youngster with big dreams in his eyes, aims to bag his armful of stars on either the cricket stadum or then in the glitzy world of celluloid. Little Azhar from Jalna was no exception. A young boy from the dusty interiors of Maharashtra, Azharuddin hailed from what could be termed as the lowest rung of poverty. Born to a daily-wage labourer Ismail and his wife Shamin, Azhar would have remained condemned to hand-to-mouth-existence, had it not been for his dreams and a stroke of luck that acted as a magic wand to manifest them in the most unimaginable way ever! ‘Slumboy’, written by Azharuddin Ismael along with Mouhssine Ennaïmi is the riveting story of how this magic unfolded. Written in a crisp, succinct manner, the story takes the reader through the destitute existence of Azhar and his family in the Gareeb Nagar slums of Bandra, to the plush red-carpet at the Oscars! Azhar’s family was amongst the hordes of hopefuls that throng to the City of Dreams, hoping to carve a barely-decent existence from the one they leave behind in their far-flung villages. Ismail, an orphan and a daily-wage labourer who would take any work that got offered to him, was living in his mother-in-law’s home after marrying Shamin. When the going got tough, the erstwhile fond mother-in-law began berating Ismail for not bringing in enough money into the family. After a particularly vicious quarrel, Ismail left home in a huff and reached Mumbai, leaving behind his wife and kids. It took his seven years to come back (!) - that too, at the behest of an ailing wife, who wished to see her husband before she died. Repentant at the abandonment, a morose and yet just as poor Ismail, returned to Jalna. The return did his wife good; Ismail was forgiven by his mother-in-law; and once again their married life came back on track. Soon after, Azhar was conceived – a child, for whose problem-ridden birth, Ismail had to steal a goat to pay the doctor’s fees! Few years down the line, Ismail decided that the rural existence was not helping his family in any way and thus he brought them all to live in Mumbai. Albeit, ‘live’ would be too lavish a word to describe the pathetic conditions that the family was subjected to. With no roof over their head, the Ismail family started living under a ‘told-for’ space under a bridge. Infested with mosquitoes and rodents that would nibble at the inhabitants’ feet at night, this ‘home’ at Gareeb Nagar locality in Bandra would be razed every few months by municipal authorities wanting to rid the metropolis of this excess ‘scum’ infiltrating the city. Everytime the authorities would arrive, it would be one chaotic race to salvage whatever important things each family member could gather from the limited things they had; and make a dash out of the hutment, watching it getting mercilessly torn down. A few days later, life would return to normalcy with yet another shelter springing up in place of the old one. Azhar and his friends learnt to take this dismal existence in their stride, very early on in life. They learnt to derive joy from gully cricket played next to overflowing heaps of garbage. They learnt to keep faith in God despite not knowing whether they would have a house the next day. Most of all, they learnt to hold onto to their dreams amidst all the stench and dirt that surrounded their life on a daily basis. Probably it is this amazing optimism that provided impetus to the miraculous turnaround in Azhar’s life. Since childhood, Azhar grew up hearing about the glamorous world of films from his brother-in-law Ayush, who worked as a lightman in Bollywood. The derring-do of actor Salman Khan especially captivated the little boy’s innocent heart. Azhar had not harboured any filmy dreams per se; but the spark didn’t take much effort to get lit, as a stroke of luck transported Azhar into the core of this dream-world that many spend a lifetime to gain an entry into! As Azhar was playing in his slum one day, a casting agent came looking for slum-children to hire for a ‘big film’. A casual query by Azhar to the agent about getting some work to earn a few pennies, opened the floodgates of his destiny! As it turned out, the casting was happening for a Hollywood film called ‘Slumdog Millionaire’! Albeit, at that point of time, no one knew how huge the film would turn out to be. Expecting a small role in the film, Azhar got the most pleasant surprise when he got selected with his neighbour Rubina, for the main roles in the film! From then on, this slumboy’s life was never the same again! The film turned out to be a global hit, taking the Oscar awards by storm! From his shanty in Gareeb Nagar, Azhar got catapulted to the plushest hotels and limousines of LA. From being shunned and shunted around mercilessly, to being feted by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Azhar’s life turned around miraculously. However, the glitz and glam done with, Azhar came back to his humble abode at Gareeb Nagar; undoubtedly an international star but just as down-to-earth with his friends. After the euphoria of the film died down, life resumed as usual for this child-actor, who unfortunately lost his father soon after. Today Azhar lives in a flat received from the Jai Ho Trust, but the hoopla of stardom seems to have waned off. Life has come full circle, albeit it is now on a better plane for Azharuddin. The story of Azhar’s circle of life as it went from destitution to unimaginable heights of glory, to again relative anonymity, has been captured like a well-taken snapshot in this succinctly written book called ‘Slumboy’. Definitely worth a read to see how a twist of fate can sometimes bring the most wildest and often, even unseen dreams true! -RESHMA S KULKARNI ...Read more

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