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This is a book one of its own kind, dedicated to the mother earth. It evolves and establishes a nonstructural approach for all sides, development in the neighbourhood through its grassroot networking, demystification of latest knowledge and new thoughts to generate and propagate and fullfledged ecomotive rural and urban development all over the world. It gives stress on "no waste mind, no waste land, anywhere on this earth.` "Prayog Pariwar` is a living pulsating organism of experiments. All have joined hands in hands to share the information that they gather during these experiments. They have their own network, it was started much before the internet now, they used the easily available post card to share their information and to gain more from others. All those working under this programme have an innovative mind which remains absorbed in new experiments with earnest zest and keep practicing more and more experiments in every nook and corner of the earth. This is in a way a new breakthrough in the field of science and education bringing prosperity to all. If used wisely, it will really help us to overcome the terrible effects due to global warming and global waste. His concept of gramswarajya will make each individual independent, self reliant and prosperous.
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    Good book.

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परिवर्तनाची बारा महिने... माणसाला मिळालेल्या आयुष्याला प्रवाहीपणे वरदान लाभले आहे. परंतु, कधी कधी माणूस एखाद्या चक्रव्यूहात अडकत जातो. एव्हाना त्याच्या आयुष्यात आनंद, समाधान, सुख, शांतता हे शब्द त्याला निरर्थक वाटू लागतात. ग्रेचेन रुबिनला पण आयुष्या्या एका विशिष्ट टप्प्यावरती अनपेक्षितपणे वेळेचे महत्त्व अधोरेखित होते आणि तिथून पुढे सुरू होतो त्याच्या आनंदाचा नवा शोध. त्याच परिवर्तनाच्या नांदीला हाताशी ती एक वर्ष हॅपीनेस प्रोजेक्टली वाहून घेते. आनंदी कसे व्हावे याविषयी उपजत आलेले शहाणपण, युगानुयुगाचे संशोधन आणि माहिती यांच्या आधारे तंत्रशुद्ध शिक्षण घेते. हा तिचा बारा महिन्यांचा प्रवास म्हणजे नेमकं काय आहे. त्यात तिने कोणते कोणते प्रयोग केले त्याची रोचक कहाणी म्हणजे आनंदतरंग हे पुस्तक. ...Read more