SARIS ON SCOOTERS by Sheila Mcleod Arnopoulos

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  • Original Book Title: SARIS ON SCOOTERS
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  • ISBN : 9788184983951
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  • Pages : 348
  • Language : English
  • Category : Non-Fiction
Renowned author and journalist Sheila McLeod Arnopoulos uses her talent for investigative reporting to take us deep into the poorest villages in India. Yet, far from being passive victims of their circumstances, the women who live there have joined forces and are making astute use of microcredit to break the cycle of poverty. Based on a number of trips to India between 2001 and 2008, Arnopoulos shows her sense of solidarity and desire for authenticity by sharing the daily life of these villagers. This firstperson account of her extensive travels focuses primarily on these women`s inspiring sucess stories. After witnessing many such situations firsthand, she believes these villages have a potential strength equal to that of the modern, hightech cities in India.
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आयुष्यभर ज्याला सुतपुत्र सुतपुत्र म्हण्यात आले अशा कौंतेयाची ही कहाणी. रणजित देसाई यांनी खुप सोप्या शब्दात लिहलेली ही कादंबरी.वाक्यरचना सोपी असल्याने पुस्तक सारखे वाचावेसे वाटते. ही लेखकाच्या लेखनीची कमाल आहे.या कादंबरीतून खुप काही शिकलो. योध्याने य पराजयाची चिंता करायची नसते.त्याने फक्त लढायच.त्याच प्रमाणे आपणही प्रयत्न करत राहयचे पराजयाची चिंता करायची नाही. ...Read more