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  • Original Book Title: THE KISS OF SADDAM
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  • ISBN : 9788184983197
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  • Pages : 252
  • Language : ENGLISH
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After growing up in a privileged and cosmopolitan Iraq during 1950`s and 1960`s, selma Masson is plunged into a world of despair and intrigue when she discovers firsthand the brutality of her country`s dictator. While Iraqi ambassador to Spain, her husband is imprisoned and tortured by the Hussein Goverment for Selma, securing his freedom will mean an unforgettable encounter with Saddam Hussein. Now an Australian citizen, Selma has told her story to Michelle McDonald this book grew out of the friendship between these two women from very different cultures. THE KISS OF SADDAM takes you on Selma`s incredible journey, drawing an evocative picture of life in Iraq. It shows just what one woman will do to save the people she loves.
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