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  • Original Book Title: JAPANESE ORCHID
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  • ISBN : 9788184981391
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  • Pages : 248
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Powerful and yet poignant this thriller spans three cities, New York, Tokyo and Singapore as Tetsuyo Akinicho, a wealthy Japanese DNA mogul moving in the most highly respected circles of New York society finds himself embroiled in a blackmail that threatens to tear his squeaky clean and impeccable reputation and lineage to pieces. Unknown to the high societies of New York and Japan he moves in, Tetsuyo is living in the shadow of a terrible family secret which he thought was well hidden till one day, an email came into his plush, gleaming glass and chrome office in New York and his whole world threatened to tumble down. "Your mother is not resting in peace. You should be ashamed of your ancestors. Do people know where you came from?" These three lines plunge Tetsuyo and his lawyer, Akira Tanaka into an intricate maze of damage control manoeuvres involving Paul Griffin, a well known American private investigator and his assistant, Japanese historian, Mayumi Onodera. Their investigations lead to one shocking discovery after another and Tetsuyo is once again drawn back to the past in an aching voyage of discovery of his roots and the mysterious and painful tragedy surrounding the woman who gave him life, his biological mother.
तेत्सुयो अकिनिचो... न्यूयॉर्कमधील एक प्रतिष्ठित, धनाढ्य उद्योजक, डीएनएचा बादशहा. त्याला जगाच्या दुसऱ्या टोकावरून धमक्यांच्या ई-मेल्स येऊ लागतात, ज्यात त्याच्या भयानक कौटुंबिक रहस्याचा उल्लेख असतो. एक असे रहस्य, जे उघड झाल्यास सर्व प्रतिष्ठा, नावलौकिक धुळीस मिळेल... तेत्सुयोचा वकील, त्याचा गुप्तहेर मित्र आणि एक इतिहासतज्ज्ञ मिळून या रहस्याचे धागेदोरे उलगडत नेऊ शकतील? जपानी ऑर्किडचं रहस्य जगासमोर येईल?

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